Who We Are?

At present, Nathwani Trading Co. is better known in the spice market with its brand name, "RAJHANS". Owned and managed by a family of talented and hard working employees today the company has attained the reputation of honesty in its overall business practices. The company, dealing in the industry for last 40 years, is today reckoned among most leading manufacturers and exporters of the Indian spices, pulses, and whole grain foods. We have consistently been exceeding the expectations of our customers by offering qualitative range of Ajwain, Sesame Seeds, Deal Seeds, Indian Fenugreek Seeds, and all kinds of Pulses, Whole Seeds, food grains, Chilly powder, Turmeric powder, Coriander powder.

Working on the ethical norms of business we have become an ensured name for quality and purity in the field of spices in India & abroad. Besides selling and distributing our products in the vast domestic market, we have also generated an exhaustive client base settled in different geographical centers. Some of the well known worldwide markets were we export our range are USA, Singapore, UK, South Africa, Switzerland, Gulf countries, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Saudi-Arabia, and Japan.

Our Business Philosophy

"Work with devotion is the soul of our company."

Our principal have always been to consistently exceed the expectation of our clients for quality; we consider ourselves as a company designed just for all those who love to explore the taste of true spices.

What We Offer?

We offer an exclusive range of Indian spices and food grains to the worldwide market. The range of products that has gained us a wide base of satisfied customers both in India and overseas are enlisted below:

  • Ajwain    
  • Sesame Seeds    
  • Deal Seeds
  • Cumin Seeds    
  • Fennel Seeds    
  • Indian Fenugreek Seeds
We also deal in all kinds of Pulses, Whole Seeds, food grains, Chilly powder, Turmeric powder, Coriander powder.

All our products are available in the attractive 500g, 1 kg & 5 kg packaging. 

Our Product-wise Market Reach

Domestic marketing center in India:
  • Ajwain: Gujarat, Maharashtra & Rajasthan
  • Sesame seeds: It has a very vast market field and so spreads out all over the country.
  • Deal seeds: Gujarat & Rajasthan
  • Cumin Seeds: Gujarat, Rajasthan.    
  • Fennel Seeds:  Covers major part of India.   
  • Fennu Greek: Covers major part of India.
Export market centers:
  • Ajwain: Saudi-Arabia, USA, South Africa, Switzerland, Gulf countries.
  • Sesame seeds: China, America, Russia, UAE, Sri Lanka
  • Deal seeds: USA
  • Cumin Seeds:  USA, Singapore, Japan, UK, North Africa   
  • Fennel Seeds: USA, Singapore, UK, UAE, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Saudi-Arabia, Japan.
  • Fennu Greek: USA, Singapore, UK, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Saudi-Arabia, Japan.
Prominent Uses of Our Products

Fennel Seeds:
Backing, cooking, flavouring agents, medicines, Salad dressing & stuffing, Pickles, its leaves are used in Fish & Pork dishes, Beverages, Perfumery.


Ayurvedic bi-product. It is thorough useful: its wastage generates oil & wastage of oil as a bi-product of medicine (Vicks Balm). Ajwain paste is used in cooking.

Sesame seeds:
Backing such as roles and Breads. Oil is used in oriental cooking.

Deal seeds:

Most of delicious dishes, Pickles, cottage dishes, major part in Ayurvedic medicine.

Cumin seeds:
Mexican dishes, Oriental dishes such as: Chilly, Con Carne & hot tamales, medicines,Toiletries, Perfumery, Pickles, meat dishes, chilly powder, Spare ribs.

Fennu Greek:
It is useful in most of Indian & Oriental dishes as a flavouring agent. Its leaves are used in dressings & salads. It is used in all most all types of Pickles, Perfumes.

Why Us?

The key postulates of our business dynamics that has helped us to outshine in the worldwide spice market is enlisted below:
  • Rich expertise in the business of spices.
  • Providing quality products (whole spices) for over 35 years.
  • Owned and managed by a family of talented and experienced staff.
  • No compromise in quality under any situation and at any time.
  • Experienced in customer services, distribution, and marketing and sales.
  • Enjoy the reputation of honesty, purity and hygiene.

"We deal in Bulk Order Quantity and Minimum Order Quantity should be 2 Metric Tonnes"